New Release Analysis
"...generally we all want to be technically current, not necessarily at the 'Bleeding Edge" but close enough to be knowledgeable of release-to-release changes and the impact they will have on our z/OS systems and organizational users."

New Release Analysis (NRA) is a VTAM-based 3270 application that can accurately simulate the operational environment of every available release of z/OS. This is really important because it means you won't have to install a new release of z/OS before you begin your migration project. Begin when you like, on your schedule, when time is available. 

NewEra Software has a track record of providing "Same Day Support" for each new release of z/OS going back to the days of OS/390 and delivered support for z/OS V2R2 on the same day it became available. Our promptness in providing support speaks to the cooperative working relationships that exist between ourselves and our ICE users, and between us and the IBM Developers Program.

Click HERE to download the New Release Analysis Data Sheet.