TCE - The z/OS Nanny

We All Need a z/OS Nanny

Do you:
- Take a backup before making changes to z/OS configuration components?
Test changes to PARMLIB, PROCLIB and/or JCLLIB before committing them to Production?
- Research the history of prior changes before attempting new ones?
Document actual changes at the point where the change takes place?
Notify those who need to know that a change has been made?

These are reasonable, sound z/OS System Programming Best Practices. Straightforward, simple enough. But we're all human; all busy; all forget. So our best intentions to conform to these practices sometimes go unfulfilled.

No backup, no test, no review, no documentation, no notification. Any of these can lead to a loss of z/OS integrity or compliance, or worse - to an unscheduled z/OS outage and a denial of z/OS services.

So there it is; the reason we all need a z/OS Nanny, someone, or in this case, something that will automatically guide us toward z/OS System Programming Best Practices without interrupting the normal workflow no matter what - "no ifs, ands or buts" - and in doing so will document our work to a standard that can satisfy the most demanding regulatory requirements.

TCE - The Control Editor - is a z/OS system utility that enhances the TSO/ISPF experience for z/OS System Programmers by fully automating, step-by-step, the individual tasks that lead us to compliance with z/OS System Programming Best Practices  Backup, Test, Review, Document and Notify of ACTUAL z/OS Configuration updates and changes.

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