NewEra Software offers FREE manuals, white papers and presentations to help you understand your z/OS configuration, security options, and audit z/OS and its major subsystems including the ultimate z/OS baseline - the IODF.

NewEra Software has commissioned and published books and White Papers of interest to z/OS practitioners. Because the books are soft copy editions, they can be and are updated to ensure they contain the most recent information available. 

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zAuditing Essentials - Volume 1
zEnterprise Hardware - An Introduction to Auditors

zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2

CICS Essentials
Auditing CICS - A Beginner's Guide

What's New in z/OS V2R2

What's New in z/OS V2R1

The Visualization of Symbols Used to Define the Format of RACF Passwords

CICS Best Practices

CICS Alphabet Soup

FREE White Papers and Presentations
The Beginning of Data Security - FREE
By Julie-Ann Williams with Barry Schrager
In 1972, the SHARE Security Project was formed by Barry Schrager, who became its first Project Manager. In 1974, Schrager, the principal developer of ACF2 (now CA ACF2), wrote a 15 page document outlining the SHARE Security Project's Goals for Data Security
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Cheryl Watson - Ahead of the Performance Curve - FREE
By Julie-Ann Williams
This is a second paper introducing a "Who's Who" of some of the brightest, and yet under-sung stars of our mainframe generation - Cheryl Watson.
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